Milfoil and Invasive Species Abatement Campaign

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Controlling invasive species is a very expensive proposition. In 2009 through 2012 the Association spent $270,000 on controlling Eurasian Milfoil. It also coordinated hundreds of hours of volunteer work worth many tens of thousands of dollars more. The good news is that the efforts are paying off. We are now "ahead" of the milfoil, with the 2012 contract "only" $35,000, and with furthur reductions expected in the years to follow. However, once a lake has been infected with milfoil it can never be eradicated; only controlled. Additionally, other invasive species are a significant possibility in the future. Thus, the need for money is ongoing.

This is a very serious problem, and if we don't stay ahead of the problem our costs may return to earlier levels. Your finacial support is needed.

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