Lake Ice-Out Dates

This data uses Bob Scripture’s definition of ice out as "The first day that a boat could be piloted through open water from the Pilgrims Camp bridge to the Palmer's bridge." This definition is admittedly arbitrary, but has the advantage of being unambiguous.

Given the relatively small number a readings, there are anomalies in the chart, such as the strange fact that the ice has never gone out on April 16th. However, we can observe that approximately 50% of the ice-out dates occur between April 13th and April 23rd.


Data for this table through 1997 courtesy of Arlene Mayer and Bob Scripture, from the October 2000 BrantLaker.

Data after 1997 supplied by Bob Scripture.

Data after 2005 supplied by Dave King.

Data after 2011 supplied by Kathy Butler.

Data after 2013 supplied by Tommy Fisk III.